What is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is the integration of message delivery, different forms of communications, and media delivered by a telephony solution. One such solution is the Allworx phone system.

The Allworx Business phone system provides users the ability to receive voicemail messages via email as well as furnishing different presence settings to allow for custom call routing based on the setting. For example, if the end user sets the desk phone to “away,” then all calls can be routed to that user’s Cell phone or Allworx App on their Smartphone device or Ipad.

Another example of Unified Communications within Allworx is contact management capability. When an end user installs the Allworx Reach app on their smartphone, the Allworx phone system synchronizes all of the contacts from the smartphone. This includes the Outlook contacts and the desk phone contacts. Contact management synchronization is in real-time. Whenever you add a contact to one device, it is copied over to the other devices.

The Allworx Interact Pro is another example of Unified Communications. This App installs on your windows desktop and also integrates with the contact management, including profile pictures. This program also allows the end user to Record calls and Interact Pro also acts as an Attendant console.

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