Allworx Business VOIP phone system unlimited call routes

Allworx Unlimited Call Routes

The Allworx Business VOIP phone system allows unlimited call route building for any given phone. Unlimited call route building is a powerful feature that allows the infinite customization of each end-users phone if needed. An incoming call routed to a target extension after a few rings has the option of being re-routed to another extension or group of extensions and then end up back in the original target extension voicemail if unanswered.

Another scenario could ring the primary extension and then forward to an outside phone number like a cell phone but still end up in the voicemail of the primary extension if the cell phone goes unanswered. Configuring Allworx to allow the call to end up in the cell phones voicemail if desired is possible as well.

There are infinite combinations of call routing scenarios, but what differentiates the Allworx Business VOIP phone system is the ability for the end-user to easily control these parameters through their own My Allworx manager portal.

From the Allworx My Manager portal, the end-user can set up multiple custom call routes for their VOIP phone and then invoke those unique call routes with the touch of a button on their desk phone. They can also control which call route is active remotely by using their cell phone to command the Allworx system to invoke a specific call route. Routing incoming calls to particular destinations based in incoming caller ID is possible as well. If the end-user has a particularly important customer, they can create a call routing rule that routes that call differently so that caller gets priority routing.

For more information about Allworx unlimited call routes, please contact Patriot Communications and schedule a demo today.