Allworx VOIP Phone System Firewall Explained

Allworx phone system built-in firewall

One of the abilities that differentiate the Allworx phone system is the built-in firewall. The Allworx Business VOIP phone system has a built-in firewall with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), allowing it to have its own public IP address. This simplifies the deployment of many of today’s mobility features, such as the Reach smartphone app.

Most systems sit behind a customer’s firewall, and to deploy mobility features like the Reach app; the customer has to open up specific ports in their companies firewall. Most Business VOIP Phone Systems sit on a different VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) than the computers do. This creates a situation where the customer’s network would need to be sophisticated enough to be able to route the remote smartphone app traffic in from the outside world to the correct voice VLAN.

The same situation would apply to remote phones deployed at home offices and also remote management of the system itself. Opening ports on a firewall is not ideal for security reasons. With Allworx, all of those obstacles are removed with the system having its built-in firewall designed to facilitate these tasks. The VPN allows secure remote access to the Allworx phone system as well as allowing technicians to be able to remote manage the system and the actual phone on the desk. This eliminates expensive site visits by technicians and allows for trouble-free usage of the system’s capabilities without relying on the customer Firewall to perform these functions.

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